BB ki Vines , A new age Youtube star

YouTube, a site, an app which connects to our need of videos. Let it be any type, movie trailer? Found, yes! Latest songs? Found, yes! Comedy videos? Found, yes! And today we are to talk about the same thing. Comedy videos! Recently, a name which has become very popular in youths is Bhuvan Bam, also known as ‘BB ki Vines’. The guy
bb-ki-vines-bhuvan-bam-tomato-heart-tomatoheart-6who is basically from Delhi , started making people laugh right from his school days. His very first video to let his existence in the world which he uploaded through his  own channel was “The Chakna Issue”.

The video wasn’t a big hit but today his name itself is enough to curve our lips and turn our hearts to joy.  The man for Delhi is not only a comedian but also a singer and composer. He himself plays all his characters in videos we all love to watch and gives a different voice to all characters. He was also recently featured in a video by TVF Play named ‘TVF Bhootiyapa’, which was an instant for obvious name i.e., BB ki Vines also not to forget the popularity TVF Play holds on YouTube for its web series’. The earnings though are unknown but his latest vines are #1 trending video on YouTube India right now. So, go right away, watch his videos and come back to give us your views and if you’ve already watched him then the comment section is below

Author: Elyuxen

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