Baahubali , the only Indian film to reach HOLLYWOOD’S WISHLIST

Touted as India’s most expensive film ever with an estimated over 250 crores  budget, the first part of a planned two-part epic has become the fastest Indian film to cross the 100 crs mark, the local standard for a strong box-office performer. According to the producers, the film’s opening weekend box-office revenue reached almost $25 million (1.63 billion rupees), considered the highest for any Indian film ever. The film opened across 4,650 screens worldwide.

Its release shines a welcome spotlight on southern India’s film industries, which are often overshadowed by the glitz and glamor of the internationally-bankable Hindi-language Bollywood films

It is reported to be one of the movies reaching the “HOLLYWOOD’S WISHED MOVIES” apparently the movie which surprisingly gained the attention worldwide for its epic storyline and the excellent graphic techniques by the director S.S Rajmouli .

It has even made its exception, has been the only Indian movie to reach the list of the Hollywood’s wishlist . From being the sets , the armory and not to forget the invention of a language which has been never heard of , showing the courage and faith of the story and the crew. It hasn’t just made its name as an epic movie but bought  the attention towards the Indian cinema .

As it has raised its expectations for the forthcoming movie sequel of Baahubali the beginning , many are hoping it to bring the glory back and turn the fate of the Indian cinema

Author: Anand Padmaja

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