Sai Krishna sir says Prudhvi is my favourite student in BVRIT || Faculty Interview

Dr. Sai Krishna sir, Very well known to B.V.Raju Institute of technology (BVRIT) students. Dr. Sai Krishna sir is an Associate professor in B.V.Raju Institute of technology (BVRIT). Elyuxen BVRIT team had wonderful time interviewing him. Dr. Sai Krishna spoke about students, Different batches, BVRIT college life, His favorite student in BVRIT and many more interesting things. Join us Follow us on FB

Q.You are one of the favorites lectures for most of the students. Can you tell what teaching means to you?

A.I have chosen this profession a bit Interested me, this interest built when I was teaching for my friend’s sister and my neighbors. It is not important how much we know or have the knowledge it is about imparting our knowledge to the younger generation and provide a knowledge about how to shape their career. It is a noble profession according to me.

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Q.What is are students for you?

A.Students are like the young kids having time, knows everything but don’t know what to do with that everything.We have to show them the track and support them on their way to the destination.

Q.What is your thinking about the students as per generations?

A.Students actually are the same as we were. It’s the generation that changed. Students follow the fashion that is there at that time. In our times it was more like quality study and fewer members but now it’s like more members and quality is a bit low in students. Our generation was Interested in doing something big, a few friends of mine are working as scientists and nowadays students are waiting for their B.Tech degree to complete and get a job and get settled.

Q.How do you motivate students of B.V.Raju Institute of technology (BVRIT)?

A. I believe that inspiration comes from actions, not by words and good culture. No one would like to follow a person who is out of track. When you say “be happy and stay focused”  they won’t listen if you are not that person. Attitude is the important thing which maintains a good bond and communication between people… Having a good communication with people helps them to understand what and why we say. One of my students called me a few days back and shared his feelings about getting his dream job after a long time.

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Q.Who’s your favorite student in B.V.Raju Institute of technology (BVRIT)?

A. I have favorites for different things like sports, education. My favorite badminton player is from Chemical department and another one… Prudhvi actually he inspires me he is very enthusiastic about knowing about new things in the technological field. Favorite people are who communicate more and have a good attitude.

Q.What’s the thing about scolding in an indirect and sarcastic way?

A.I’d like to answer your question with an example…. Suppose you came late and went all the way back to sit in the last bench and you didn’t find the place then you’ll try to adjust with 3 in a bench where only 2 can sit. Now if sold you…. You’ll think “he always scolds… Or he just scolds but still allow us in”. Me I’d be like if you came 5 or 6 minutes earlier you could have got the last bench. I believe creating a thought in students mind which would make them change .. And if I’d be serious and shouting you wouldn’t even listen to me.

Q.These days online learning has made learning easy even without a lecturer. Do you think this is a good thing for a lecturer?

A.Actually, yes it is a good thing even we get to learn new things from students and when they ask doubts about the subject and we even take those online courses to enhance our knowledge.

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Q.Movies have a great impact on students, do you think movies with vulgarity content should be released at all?

A.Movies are like video lectures, they interpret the good and bad about the theme they are going to show which provides knowledge about that theme and it depends on people’s perspective of watching. A movie should be watched as a movie.

Q.What are the suggestions you would like to give to the students of B.V.Raju Institute of technology (BVRIT)?

A.Students nowadays are interested in extracurricular activities so I’d like to say them that try what you love to do ..if you don’t get it then try getting a job and right now as you are a student, learn things which are needed for you to get the job as well as learn to do what you love.

Q.What according to is the success mantra?

There isn’t any success mantra other than hard work. Hard work beats everything talent, luck and recommendations. Motivation is a small feel which only makes us think what is right and what is wrong and helps us to take our first step towards hard work but it will be there only for time being. It is our will power that makes us work hard and make our stay still on the track.

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Dr. Sai Krishna sir, Very well known to B.V.Raju Institute of technology (BVRIT) students.B.V.Raju Institute of technology (BVRIT).Faculty Interviews.

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