Hyd Police have been awarded mBillionth award for HYDCOP Mobile app

HYDCOP Mobile App: Hyderabad city police have been awarded mBillionth award for HYDCOP Mobile App.HYDCOP Mobile App enables city cops to access the entire police database.The Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) spun off from its highly successful Manthan Awards a separate award – the mBillionth Award South Asia – only for recognizing excellence in mobile innovations for development. Readmore

The mBillionth Awards acknowledge South Asia as a key hub of the world’s mobile and telecom market. The region, however, suffers from a significant digital divide. These Awards recognize that at the moment, mobile phones are surpassing all other media in terms of penetration in the region: TV, radio, Internet, newspapers, magazines, and   landlines. Apply as student news reporter

Hyderabad city police under the newly formed government brought down the crime rate.  Executed terrorists like Yaseen Bathkal, there was no terror attack in the city from past 5 years.SHE teams were introduced to eradicate eve teasing in the city. Mission xi million to organize football tournament for Government schools

Director-general of police Anurag Sharma launched the HYDCOP Mobile App way back in 2016. This HYDCOP Mobile App enables city cops to access the entire police database along with CCTV camera feed directly on their smart phones. Despite losing world cup final ,Indian women’s team won billions of Fans

HYDCOP Mobile App was launched at the Hyderabad police commissionerate in Basheerbagh in 2016. Using the HYDCOP Mobile App policemen can see the crime scenario of a particular place they visit. Using HYDCOP Mobile App, the police officials can access the entire police database. With this unique feature, the police officials can see the crime date of different locales listing on their smart-phones enabling them to make a tactic move. Gautam Nanda Review || Gautam Nanda is good point with bad taking

Now this Hyderabad City Police’s HYDCOP Mobile App has been awarded mBillionth special mention award for the year 2017.

Addl.Commissioner of Police Law & Order Sri V.V. Srinivas Rao, IPS., has received this award today at New Delhi from Digital Empowerment Foundation. Fidaa movie review : Fidaa is a well made honest love story by Shekar kammula Image source: City police



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