Ashwini kumarupadhaya has been awarded for his novel idea of caterpillar trains

Ashwini kumarupadhaya ,a 47-year-old Indian railway engineer presently a Ph.D. scholar from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology,Boston has been awarded for his novel idea of caterpillar trains which was presented in the avant-garde global competition These caterpillar trains else referred to as C-trains from a Nexus of lightweight coaches which are over a certain elevation from the ground would progress at the rate of 100 km per hour.They are modeled to have accommodated 20 passengers per coach The artist impression about this prototype is that these trains can traverse in the cramped areas of the metropolitan cities.Its compact nature enables the trains to be vertically stacked in the depots.Halts for these locomotives are also a few meters above the ground level and are easily accessible by elevators.

The name implies the outline of the system which has got wheels both above and below the coaches such that they can both move and hang from the archways which are build at a certain elevation from the ground. These trains promise to move in any residential area with a minimum street length of 5 meters. The entire system runs on electricity and each coach is equipped with a backup battery for any emergency crisis. The most surprising thing about this radical urban transport system is that it would cost a fifteenth of the conventional metro rail system and passengers can pick their own station Mr. Kumar, who is a 1997-batch officer of the Indian railway traffic service and posted at the center for railway information systems, New Delhi.After achieving this award he is now on the way to educate notable town-planners about the merits of the C-train at an imminent conference organized by MIT in the month of September

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