Arupu song will #break the silence against women harassment

Arupu song will Break the silence against women harassment: Women Harassment is one of the biggest issues in the country right now. There are thousands of women suffering every day and even the girls of age group between 6 and 12 are the victims, we can assume how worst situation our country is in.

Roll Rida along with his team is producing a song with a theme against women harassment. The new song called Arupu is ready to release on 18th August on youtube. Arupu team released a teaser which is trending on youtube. The team is producing and shooting the song from one month with high production values. Arupu will be another hit from Roll Rida and Kamran Team. Directed by Harikanth Gunamagari and produced by Sunil Gaddamedi, Srini Srigadha featuring Manisha Eerabathini, a popular female playback singer, and actor. Manisha Eerabathini sung female vocals and Krishna Kanth wrote female lyrics. Arupu is the 9th project of Roll Rida and Kamran together.

Arupu song

#Breakthesilence campaign by Arupu song team

Arupu team started a campaign in social media with a hashtag,#Breakthesilence. The campaign is creating an impact in social media and women started sharing their experiences supporting the campaign. Some people listen to music, not the spoken word, it could start a revolution with the song. Though Arupu is visually creative it is all about reality in present society. In the sense. Arupu is a Telugu word which means to speak and Break the silence. One of the team members of Arupu said “The lyrics itself showcase the inner feeling with a very strong message to the all women in the world. Dear people, this is the time to stand for yourself, for your Sister, for your daughter and for your mother. This song is dedicated to all women. Come on, let’s start creating awareness in the society”.

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Back in October 2017, women took to social media to share their experiences of sexual harassment.
The #MeToo movement went viral, spurring a national and global discussion on the issue. According to an annual survey conducted in March 2018 by Stop street foundation, 81% of women around the world experienced sexual harassment. Now, on this Independence week let’s spread a word to our friends about #Sexualharresment against women and let women break the silence.

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