Excerpts from our Talk with Arupu song Music Director Kamran

Excerpts from our Talk with Arupu Music Director Kamran: Patang, Shankar ka beta, and many other Telugu rap hit songs team have come together to make another thought-provoking song named Arupu. The song is about raising our voice against Women harassments. Excerpts from our talk with the music director of the song Kamran is followed.

Hello Kamran, Tell us about Arupu

Arupu is meant to be our scream. We intend to bring out the silent screams of the people against violence occurring towards women.

Your past songs are very contrasting from this one. What drove you towards making this song?
The present situations provoked us a lot. We felt we had to do this song. All our songs were very bright. We felt this song has to be a little dark in tone and this was very necessary. So, we made it.

KamranThe lyrics are very hard hitting. What was your initial feeling towards it?

Honestly, we felt they were a little too intense. But the song shaped up very well. We felt the lyrics were necessary then. The rap was written by Roll Rida himself. But the female lyrics were conceived by Krishna Kanth garu. We are very honored to have such great lyrics in our song.

Tell us about the #BREAKTHESILENCE campaign. How did it happen?
We initially thought we had to do something. But the response for the teaser was very overwhelming. It drove us towards starting this campaign. We had the idea, but people helped us in taking it forward.

How is it going forward now? What are your plans for it?

The campaign is being taken forward in a great way. We are in talks with SHE TEAM to take it further. People especially girls are sending campaign pictures with the stickers, break the silence covering their mouths. We believe we’ll reach more people once the song is released.

Finally, Kamran tell us few words about Arupu and break the silence

Arupu is the reality. We couldn’t bear the injustice being done towards our women. The song also happened unintentionally. But we feel really happy taking this message forward. We want to motivate, inspire and extend our support to those who need to bring out their Arupu. We’ll be really happy if we could help a few. Thanks.
Arupu is an upcoming song about raising our voices against violence and abuse being occurred to our women. The song is going to be released on the 25th of August. The song was sung by Roll rida and Manisha Eerabatini. The rap was written by Roll rida and the female lyrics were written by Krishna Kanth garu. The music director is Kamran and the video was directed by Harikanth of Kala media.

Arupu song Kamran

Arupu song will #break the silence against women harassment

Interview by Sourya

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