Arjun Reddy review, Is Vijay sai Devarakonda bank balance safe?

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Film: Arjun Reddy

Banner:  Badrakali Pictures

Cast: Vijay Sai Devarakonda, Shalini, Kamal Kamaraju, Sanjay Swaroop and others

Producers: Pradeep Reddy Vanga

Director: Sandeep Reddy Vanga

Music Director: Radhan 

Release date: August 25, 2017
Arjun Reddy and Vijay Sai Devarakonda is the talk of the town from few days for multiple reasons. Although the film teasers, trailers, and songs raised the expectations on the movie, It’s Vijay Sai Devarakonda who took the movie to peaks in terms of promotions and publicity. Be it the promotional event, Pre release event or Audio release event, Its Vijay Sai Devarakonda show.The film will be releasing today i.e Friday with high expectations {We don’t want to spoil the feel of Arjun Reddy so we will only summarise each department}
Arjun Reddy review What is it about?
The movie starts with the narration of old lady.Arjun Reddy (Vijay Sai Devarakonda) is a medico in the hospital who has a past life. Arjun reddy is very friendly and topper in the college but fails to control his anger. He falls in love with his junior Preeti(Shalini). The couple shares their life but however, preeti dad dosent like Arjun Reddy and makes Preeti marry another guy from her own caste. Arjun reddy after the breakup turns addicts to alcholol , drugs to intense level which leads to destruction of Arjun reddy. But as second heroine enters,Arjun reddy and second heroine become close in short time.Rest of the story showcases the climax and other romantic scenes.
Arjun Reddy review Technical Talk :

The production values of the movie is very rich with good camera work.It showcases the depth in every scene.Background score by Radan is awesome and elevates the proceedings in a good way. Dialogues are impressive and so was the screenplay.The director Sandeep, he makes a rocking debut with Arjun Reddy. His writing is slick and the way he showcased Vijay’s role is just awesome. His detailing is very good as he makes the film intense and quite raw. He will be a talent to watch out for. Had he trimmed the film, even more, the output would have been even better.

Analysis :
Vijay Devarakonda as Arjun Reddy does a pretty decent job and the focus primarily seems to have been on showcasing his good looks. The director succeeds at this. Shalini is cute as Preeti but gets limited scope to perform. Yesteryear actress Kanchana plays a role as Arjun Reddy’s grandmother, a role which she pulled off with consummate ease as did Kamal Kamaraju who played the role of Arjun Reddy’s brother. The background music by Radhan is very good and the cinematography is up to the mark. It’s an entertaining first half that takes place on the campus and will definitely appeal to the youth. But these second half is on a completely different track and it’s only Vijay Devarakonda and his addiction for the whole run time. Audiences who come for a youthful college story might end up disappointed in the second half.

Arjun Reddy review plus points:

* Vijay Sai Devarakonda acting
* Direction
* Background score and songs
* Intense scenes and dialogues
* Easily connecting scenes

Arjun Reddy review Minus points:

* Movie need atleast 15-20 mints of editing.
* Unnecessary Kiss and intimate scenes

Arjun Reddy review Brief Note:

Never before like this on Telugu film industry.Must Watch for “18+ only”

Arjun Reddy review Rating :



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