In the world of so much happening every day, there are many cases and affairs to discuss. Every one of us needs to be updated with new arguments being raised because as the part of the society it becomes our responsibility.From national to international all the argumentations are available at Elyuxen.Elyuxen gets them and creates a platform to share opinions and to raise questions. Elyuxen gets updated with most logical to silliest argumentations happening around the world.Reasoning, natural inference, and persuasion: communication, classical and modern rhetoric, linguistics, discourse analysis, pragmatics, psychology, philosophy, formal and informal logic, critical thinking, history, and law all at one platform, Elyuxen.

Elyuxen is one of only a few registered student newspapers in India, derived from the words Education, youth, Empowerment, and oxygen with the elaborated idea that education and empowerment are the oxygen for the advancement of youth in the society. The Idea and Concept behind the name Elyuxen is to be out of traditional names for Newspapers. It is a broadsheet published on weekly bases.

  The sections of Elyuxen contains wide range of articles addressing various issues pertaining to latest trends in Education, technology, entertainment, sports; whereabouts of job interviews, college events; student reviews on topics of technology, sports, movies, student issues, current affairs; Interviews of various renowned personalities from different sectors; start-up stories; editorials; blogs so on and so forth making it easy for the students to keep up with everyday developments in the society.








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