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” Allo” is the  instance messaging mobile app ,developed by Google released on 21st September 2016. The operating systems are Android and ios. It is available in English. It is the Google Assistant. It is Artificial  intelligence powered messaging application. During the launch of the app in May, Sundar Pichai, Google CEO said, “Think of the assistant, we think of it as a conversational assistant, we want users to have an ongoing two-way dialogue.” No man is behind the instant replies but it’s a software which is programmed for the assistance. Contacting the users are introduced far before in many apps like Hike Viber e.t.c. “Duo” is launched by Google in support of video calling.

How To Install ” Allo” :

   To install an Allo we need to go play store search for the “Allo” and install it. After installing the” Allo” , users are not required to have a Google account to use ,it will ask your phone number. After typing the phone number it will verify by sending the verification code. It will ask your name followed by the profile picture.

 Features Of “Allo”

It consists of Google Assistant, Sends a Message, Start a Group Chat. There are three different styles of chat in Allo: normal messaging, a direct conversation with the virtual assistant, and “incognito chats”, which are end-to-end encrypted and feature disappearing messages.


  • The movement when you open the Google assistant, it will tell about itself and it will list few items below like subscriptions, Games, Sports, Weather, My Assistant, Travel, Fun, Translations, Answers, News, Actions, Going out.
  • Assistant will answer you for the simple G.K. questions. If the questions are complicated it will search from Google and send the links.
  • It will show you all the nearby restaurants, hospitals etc..
  • It will show you route maps.
  • If you type that you feel bored, it will send you the list like send me daily, one more, random fun, source, Play a game, Joke, Riddle, funny video, Quotes, poems, proverb, music video, Events near me.
  • If you select the joke it will send you random jokes.

 You can  also  text personal messages like ” I love you”, “I hate you” and you can send pictures. Then you can  get spontaneous replies. You can accept more from a text chat assistant than a search box.

Google allo


  • You can send messages to the contacts who has installed Allo application in their mobiles.
  • You can send stickers, locations, pictures.


  • Group chatting can be done with multiple users as a group.
  • The icon can be chosen from the given list and followed by the profile picture.

Allo application is the killer messaging application. The primary intention of Google to launch this Allo app is to acquire your pulses and replies and deliver suggestions in the form of fast answers.


The end-to-end encryption provided on Allo Messenger app protects the privacy of text messages and voice and video calls in such a way that even with a warrant, the government can’t access them. But, all that the users need to do to acquire this encryption is that they need to turn on the feature. Google is dropping the probabilities that average users will get benefit themselves of the option. But the Edward Snowden the former central intelligence agency employee and whistleblower warned against using Allo application that privacy of your message does not remain they can be leaked to the government. But for the common people, it is a good entertainment and informative application.



The developing allo application already reached nearly 5 starts upon 5 starts.


    Whats App

  • Available on: iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, desktop
  • Released: 2010
  • Key advantage: Most popular messaging app with over a billion users worldwide


  • Available on: iOS, macOS
  • Released: 2011
  • Key advantage: Automatically installed on every iOS device and now contains in-message third-party apps and additional features

    Facebook Messenger

  • Available on: iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, desktop
  • Released: 2011
  • Key advantage: Automatically available to every Facebook user and has one billion users

   Google Allo

  • Available on: iOS, Android
  • Released: 2016
  • Key advantage: Smart assistant that pulls information into messages and only requires a phone number

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