App of the Week : PRISMA

Being a SHUTTERBUG has turned up into a common hobby nowadays which turned up the present trendy folk’s mindsets.The smartphone is in every hand and there is no such period of time that a selfie or a photo is refused. Let it be any moment SELFIE 🙂 – post to social media – Likes-Comments –etc.

At recent times a cartoon effect has rolled in the people’s Display Pictures and Posts. An artistic effect of the animated piece which is edited out in a smart way by the folk.

Using the app @ PRISMA.

The days that we were benefited with our all-time favorites JohnnyBravo, TOM & JERRY and many more animation shows during our infancy and nursery, but now we are transforming our pics into a caricature. It’s a free mobile app that turns people’s images into comic strips.

PRISMA is the new camera that transforms your photos into artworks .The app was created by ALEXEY MOISEENKOV. It was launched in June 2016. It was born into the IPhone family at first in IOS (8.0) on Apple App store. And in the mid July 2016, the developer introduced the App in Android version (4.1).

This artistic effect has become recognized in rapid fast among the folk and received a remark setting a trend.

For getting this App download

For Apple users click into Appstore-PRISMA

For Android users – GOOGLEPLAY-PRISMA


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