App of the Week : DUO, Google’s new video chat app

Video calling has revolutionized the way we communicate but no one has perfected the formula yet. Many video calling apps though exist in market, they have lots of flaws and irritate users. FaceTime  , a better video calling app is a boon limited only to iOS users and Skype though available for Ios and android, it requires users know each other’s unique usernames. No need to mention Facebook Messenger is nowhere in the race and is of little use due to the privacy-concerns. Google revealed its answer to natural, reliable, universal video messaging at Google I/O in May, and has now followed up with the release of the Duo one-to-one video calling app.


Google Duo is a dead simple and no-frills video chat application that is starting to roll out to customers and will become available globally within the next couple of days.No google account?! That is not at all a problem. Duo just asks your mobile number to sign in. This makes it easier for users to access their account from any other smart phone with no security problem as you’ll have to re-verify each time you log back in on another phone. Readers!! Here is one more interesting feature google came up with: Knock-Knock.

This feature lets you see who is calling before you actually pick the call. This feature only works with people in your contacts, so random strangers can’t flash you. And of course, you can disable it in the settings if you prefer. Unfortunately, Duo is only for video calling and texting is not possible in this. But no worry guys, Google is taking another swing at the messaging space with a new app called Allo.

It’s yet another way for users to talk with their friends, but with a couple of neat twists including a “smart replies” feature that even works with photos. Also duo is not really meant for tablets. You can’t download Duo directly from the Google Play Store to your tablet as the app officially only supports phones. And sorry, Windows Phone users. Duo is cross-platform, but it’s only available for iOS and Android since they’re the two most used mobile operating systems. It’s also not available for Windows, OS X, or Chrome OS.Video calling is the next best thing to being with someone in person. Duo has been designed for interface to be simple, easy and welcoming. In places like India, it has been designed to adapt to the network connectivity conditions. Let’s hope Duo gives us the experience of video calling more personal, inviting easy and smooth.

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