All about Hyperloop in INDIA.

India: Hyperloop is an exciting term as  135 crores Indian population have never experienced such a technology and it seems to be a considerable factor. we all know that the chard Branson’s Virgin Hyperloop one has set up a deal with Maharashtra Government to build a Hyperloop that will cut the travel time between Mumbai and Pune to 20 minutes, Which actually takes 3 to 4 hours will take under half an hour to travel.

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop:

Elon Musk is the man who needs to be thanked for making this technology open source back in 2014 which he said would be “The fifth mode of transport”. But it did not gain popularity until 2017 when Richard Branson, a Business tycoon invested (undisclosed amount) and re-branded Elon’s Hyperloop as Virgin Hyperloop one.

The proposed loop can theoretically travel up to 1000kmph (more than three times the speed of trains in India). It will be able to carry 150 million passengers every year. It will transform transportation system and make Maharashtra shine globally. Furthermore, The system is fully autonomous and sealed, so no driver-related error is anticipated with 24-hour operations.The vehicle uses magnetic levitation, so the vehicle will be virtually noiseless. The Advantage Besides being fast, Hyperloop is “energy-agnostic”, using whichever available resource like solar or wind, the system will be carbon-free. Considering this, the Hyperloop is by far the most Eco-friendly mode of fast travel.

Branson’s words:

Mr. Branson said the exact time would be 7 years to begin commercial operations which definitely dilutes our excitement but the thing that makes my day is that the project will be “for the masses” and not a premium priced service. Virgin Hyperloop One is also in talks with the Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka state governments to add projects in India said, Branson.

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