Advancement in the detection of vein thrombosis.

HYDERABAD: Recent a device was discovered with all the technological efforts to detect deep vein thrombosis which has drawn attention from medical companies. The ‘Venous clot preventer’, was earlier started as a student project, which detects deep vein thrombosis before it becomes absolutely acute, says experienced experts. Tata Institute of Social Sciences heading towards excellence.

Acute vein thrombosis:

The newly invented gadget will help many people especially professionals who work for long long hours constantly and cannot often visit or monitor their health issues. “Formation of blood clots in deep vein thrombosis can travel to the brain and lungs, causing strokes, pulmonary embolism, and other urgent health conditions. If you tend to spend long periods sitting at a desk, regularly stand up for a short break—at least every hour or so. Even a quick walk to the bathroom or water fountain can get your blood flowing and prevent clots,” said an experienced cardiologist. Follow us on Facebook.

Revolutionary invention:

well experienced experts say that the device is a revolutionary invention as it can be detected and prevented on a step by step basis. “We use sensors to detect the problem before it occurs and warn the patient so that he/she can take preventive measures. The problem starts with stagnation in blood flow in the lower limbs, which results in higher concentrations of carbon dioxide-rich blood in lower limbs, that can be identified by sensors,” said an inventor of the device.

Successful project on a state level:

The student project won a state-level competition among 1,258 projects and stood as an innovative and revolutionary invention and also apart from that it was selected for national-level innovation summit. A student named Manoj developed the device under the guidance of Prof K Sujatha from GIE and Prof Venkateshwarlu, from Osmania University. Apart him his helpers also contributed much to this invention, T-hub played a key role in helping him market the

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