Aasya foundation walkathon to build orphanage is inspiration to everyone

Aasya foundation is inviting everyone for a walkathon to build the orphanage.Aasya foundation walkathon at Necklace road. Aasya foundation founder SreeramApply as student News reporter from your college Follow us on facebook

Aasya Foundation is a student-run NGO dedicated to fight back and help the people who are affected with different kind of diseases financially emotionally and psychologically. They are committed to educating in order to instill integrity and leadership in individuals and promote a safe and ethical environment.
Aasya Foundation is a National Non-governmental organization(NGO) with volunteers from many states and cities. A nonprofit, community-centered organization that will be able to provide Health Care Services to the underserved population of INDIA.

On the third Sunday of September i.e on 17th September from 6:00am to 9:00am at necklace road, people from all walks of life, representing different age groups and professions, be it students, executives, heart disease survivors, medical professionals, caregivers, celebrities, bureaucrats, politicians, expatriates, and diplomats to name a few walk or run together.

Aasya foundation says Be a part of Aasya foundation old age home construction!
A place for beautiful grandmothers and grandfathers!

One of the walkathon organizers said “every woman is a mother Every man is a father. We cannot payback for their love throughout our life..we know how great it is.But why dont we Make love to those who lack it..there is someone who just needs care and little love & to those who are abondoned Let’s build up brick by brick together & strengthen the foundation for oldage home & make a shelter of love for them”.

There are 37 teams In Aasya Health Foundation. They Are Oldage people Team, General Physician Team, Leprosy Team, Kidney Team, Aids Team,
Agriculture Team and many more. Mission and Vision of Aasya foundation

  • To fight against cancer
  • To spread the foundation and have members from different organizations
  • Taking our legacy forward and spreading the extent of support
  • Fight against all different kinds of dreadful diseases.
  • Provide the information about all the diseases.
  • It is not only for the people who are uneducated but also the people who are educated and they have to live their life without any diseases.
  • Conducting awareness camps, Medical Events, and Blood Donation Camps.


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